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Rocky Horror Picture Show Houston Texas

This is the Home of Houston's very own Royal Mystic Order of Chaos and The Rocky Horror Picture Show! We're a live show, the second Saturday of each month at the beautiful and historic River Oaks Theatre. Take a look around and learn about CHAOS and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

BIG NEWS FROM CHAOS!We are super excited that the Rocky Horror Documentuary "ROCKY HORROR SAVED MY LIFE" is choosing to shoot at the River Oaks Theatre on May 10th!

HOLY HECK! Shooting a movie right here in Houston at the River Oaks!

You can be part of the action by showing up in costume and be ready to share your love of Rocky Horror!

For more info visit Rocky Horror Saved My Life on Facebook.

You'll find Rocky Horror ticket information and showtimes. Kick off your shoes and stay a while!


This is the home of
The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Theatrical Cast
River Oaks Theatre, Houston, Texas

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