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Happy Birthday Pat Quinn!

Well Pat Quinn turns 69 today. Normally we wouldn’t mention a ladies age but she is 69 and we’re childish. Anyway a very happy 69th birthday to our very own Pat Quinn! Here’s an autographed photo that Chelsea Goode brought us all the way from Dallas Spatterfest! Hopefully Pat is knee deep in cocktails and subservient men.


Check this s*&$ out!



Happy Birthday Pat Quinn! May 28th!

Hey Pat! We hope you’re getting sauced! Enjoy your day as much as we’ve enjoyed you. Wow, that sounds bad. We have not had sex with Pat Quinn. But not because we haven’t tried. I mean, we would hit that if we could. Anyway, I’m rambling. Happy Birthday Pat!

Happy birthday Little Nell!

May 24th marks Little Nell’s Birthday!

All we can say is wow.

Richard O’Brien turns 70 today!

Rocky Horror’s own life source Richard O’Brien turns 70 today, March 25! Here’s an article on how he celebrated!

From all of us here in Houston and from the Royal Mystic Order of Chaos, Happy Birthday Richard O’Brien!

Did you know…?

Patricia Quinn was originally who Richard O’Brien had sing Science Fiction Double Feature when The Rocky Horror Show was just a stage show. When the film version came out, Pat was a little upset about not being able to sing the song, but no fears. She was able to involve herself by being the lovely pair of lips that you see throughout the song.

A different set of Jaws? Why, yes, yes it is.

When everybody thinks of Sweet T, the erotic, sexy voice of Tim Curry always plunges to one’s mind, BUT what about Richard O’Brien? Here is a peek of what it would be like if Frank was done by an even tinier british man.

The Rocky Horror Show in San Diego – November 2011

A commercial for the Rocky Horror Show in San Diego last year.  Looked pretty good.