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Actor Profile: Amber “Mrs. Foss” Foss

Heather Rene Smith, Miss February 2007 for Playboy.

Name: Amber “Hellin HiHeels” Mrs.  Foss
Bust: 38   Waist: 28   Hips:38
Birthdate: 9/17   Birthplace: Houston, TX

Ambitions: To apply lipstick with my tits.  Also, getting a Cosmetology degree wouldn’t be bad either.
Turn On’s:  My husband, Tattoos, Piercings, Kilts, Vincent Price’s voice, Hobo Fetish Photography
Turnoffs: Smacking, Smoking, Stalkers
My Favorite Activities: Reading, Watching Black & White Horror movies, Playing “huggsies” with my straight jacket
My Family in a Nutshell: My family is loving and caring. They are crazy in the best way possible. My husband is the best thing to ever happen to me and is the reason I live.
My three guilty pleasures: The taller the heel, the better the deal. Men in drag. Party Rocking.
The Best Concert I have ever been too: I can’t pick just one so I will name a few . . .
1. Mötley Fücking Crüe
2. My Chemical Romance
3. Poison

“Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.”
― Nikki Sixx

Actor Profile: Whitney

Whitney’s Bio courtesy of Angel Boris –  Angel Lynn Boris (born August 2, 1974 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)[1] is an American model and actress sometimes credited as Angel Boris Reed.

NAME: Whitney
BUST: 32″
WAIST: 900″
HIPS: 950″
HEIGHT: 5′ Short”
WEIGHT: 200 lb.
AMBITIONS:  I want to master having sex while riding a wave.
TURN-ONS:  Hot people, musicians, surfers, nerds, long walks on the beach, and porn.
TURNOFFS:  Stinky feet, bad Mexican food, trolls, and burnt toast.
YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH:  Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.
MORE & LESS:  Do more, be less lazy; surf more; less work; sex more, less condoms.
HOW TO GET MY ATTENTION:  Loud opera singing.
IN MY CRAZIEST MOMENTS: I have been known to surf naked.
ALSO KNOWN AS: Button, Stinker, and Sex Panther.
MY MOTTO: Borrow money from pessimists. They won’t expect it back anyway.