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Actor Profile: Amber “Mrs. Foss” Foss

Heather Rene Smith, Miss February 2007 for Playboy.

Name: Amber “Hellin HiHeels” Mrs.  Foss
Bust: 38   Waist: 28   Hips:38
Birthdate: 9/17   Birthplace: Houston, TX

Ambitions: To apply lipstick with my tits.  Also, getting a Cosmetology degree wouldn’t be bad either.
Turn On’s:  My husband, Tattoos, Piercings, Kilts, Vincent Price’s voice, Hobo Fetish Photography
Turnoffs: Smacking, Smoking, Stalkers
My Favorite Activities: Reading, Watching Black & White Horror movies, Playing “huggsies” with my straight jacket
My Family in a Nutshell: My family is loving and caring. They are crazy in the best way possible. My husband is the best thing to ever happen to me and is the reason I live.
My three guilty pleasures: The taller the heel, the better the deal. Men in drag. Party Rocking.
The Best Concert I have ever been too: I can’t pick just one so I will name a few . . .
1. Mötley Fücking Crüe
2. My Chemical Romance
3. Poison

“Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.”
― Nikki Sixx

Actor Profile: Whitney

Whitney’s Bio courtesy of Angel Boris –  Angel Lynn Boris (born August 2, 1974 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)[1] is an American model and actress sometimes credited as Angel Boris Reed.

NAME: Whitney
BUST: 32″
WAIST: 900″
HIPS: 950″
HEIGHT: 5′ Short”
WEIGHT: 200 lb.
AMBITIONS:  I want to master having sex while riding a wave.
TURN-ONS:  Hot people, musicians, surfers, nerds, long walks on the beach, and porn.
TURNOFFS:  Stinky feet, bad Mexican food, trolls, and burnt toast.
YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH:  Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.
MORE & LESS:  Do more, be less lazy; surf more; less work; sex more, less condoms.
HOW TO GET MY ATTENTION:  Loud opera singing.
IN MY CRAZIEST MOMENTS: I have been known to surf naked.
ALSO KNOWN AS: Button, Stinker, and Sex Panther.
MY MOTTO: Borrow money from pessimists. They won’t expect it back anyway.

Actor Profile: Cody / Jack of All Trades

Cody’s bio is courtesy of Ms. Bonnie Large Miss March 1973 – from her wikipedia page – Miki Garcia (born February 17, 1947 in Kingman, Arizona) is an American model. She is best known for being Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for its January 1973 issue.

Cody aka Houston’s Resident Douchebag
BIRTHPLACE: Pasa-freakin’-dena, TX
BUST: -A, that’s a size, right?
WAIST: 1.4678899 Cubits
HIPS: I love them…that is all
HEIGHT: 6’3″ or 6’7″ in heels
WEIGHT: 4.916871425e+28

AMBITIONS: To one day over throw my human oppressors…and to learn German
TURN-ONS: Warm breezes, kittens, your mom, and girls who can talk nerdy to me!
TURNOFFS: Rainbows, the Amish, toll booth people, and the smell of pennies
FAVORITE DISH: A rib-eye cooked medium rare served on a naked woman’s stomach
DID YOU KNOW? That I can beat the original Super Mario Bros. in 8 minutes?
FAVORITE PERFORMERS: The guy that plays the sax outside of all Houston sporting events, mimes, and a woman that can fake a good orgasm..
PEOPLE I ADMIRE: The Doctor, Steve the Car, the people that stand outside the River Oaks Theater in little to no clothing in 30 degree weather!
A GREAT DATE: The bathroom at the back of the theater (wink, wink)
I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE: Because every month I get naked in front of people and don’t get arrested for it!!