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Halloween 2012!
Rocky Horror Saved My Life Documentary - Chaos Partipated!

Ironica Rambles, Part 1

I don’t care how awesome Laverne Cox is – she’s not going to give you what we’re going to give you.

But let’s talk about PROM.


That’s this month’s show theme. Everyone just graduated and celebrated prom recently. So whether you’ve graduated this year or 20 years ago or never/got your GED, come out in some Prom-themed outfit and you’ll fit right in!

Last month, we actually had fans come FROM PROM to see our show in their prom dresses and tuxes. It was a pretty sweet experience and made for an awesome photo.



Thanks guys! Also, if you’re coming again, you don’t have to worry about finding an outfit, you’ve got one!

Our themes are awesome and we make sure we always have one so that we’re bringing some variety to your monthly RHPS viewings at River Oaks. Because you should be coming every month. Rocky Horror is not an experience or a movie or a play. It’s a religion. And we’re not forcing you to go every Sunday(although I’d like to have some of you sexy guys on your knees at least once a week), but we’re offering a once-a-month opportunity to socialize, celebrate, and worship me. I mean the show. Not worship. Enjoy. Enjoy the performance.

Although if that’s not enough, we’re doing TWO shows in July! Keep your playbills! They have all the info, Rocky trivia, and more.


This month Ryan Fontuhhoweveryouspellit, who usually plays Brad, is going to be playing Rocky for the prom show! We should all be thrilled that he’s going to be running around in gold go-go boy shorts! I wonder if he’ll be able to lift me. If not, you can all spank him with me during the meet-and-greet.

So who’s playing Brad? ZACH! That’s right, our golden boy is gonna be brown-haired and stripped down to dorky white briefs for the show. I know you’re excited. My mouth is watering.

Other than that, we’re going to be VERY happy having Amber Munster back as Magenta! Which means Jennifer will be able to take awesome photos of the show so you can show off to your friends how cool you are for coming and convince them to come next time.

See you Saturday!

EXIT INTERVIEW – We say goodbye to our Rocky David

DavidlaststandWell fuck. Our next show is David’s last show….and we wanted to give him an Exit Interview. He’s a man of few words and short answers. But he’s our David and we love him with all our hearts. Please join us next weekend as we say goodbye.

Hey David!  You’ve been there from the beginning of Chaos you seem smart, why did you get involved in Chaos?
I had just read “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and thought, that might be fun.

2. What has been your favorite moments performing?
All of them.

3.  When is the best time for a Rocky to make out with a member of the audience?
Anytime is good, but I prefer after the show when we are all nice and drunk

4.  You’re easily the most laid back member of Chaos, what’s your secret?
Either undiagnosed autism or repression

5.  Any advice for the guy or girl that will take your place?
Do the anal scene.

6.  You’ve spent a lot of time having stage sex with Shannon.  How was it?  Follow up question, do her fun bags feel great or awesome?
Stage sex with Shannon is magnificent and there are no words to describe how amazing her fun bags feel.

7.  You’ve also spent a lot of time kissing girls after the show….what’s your secret to good loving?
Ask her what she likes then do it.

8. Do you have a girlfriend and if not where can girls apply?
No… Facebook? I’m the David Sturgill with his face painted as a clown

9.  What’s next for David?
Finish writing the book I’m working on

10.  Any regrets?  Any roles you wish you had played?
Nah, I only could have played Rocky

11.  Make up any question you want to answer any question we didn’t think to ask you.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? Setting up food forests all over the country

Thanks for the ride Jeff, it’s been a hell of a lot of fun.

Actor Profile: David – Man of Steel

Courtesy of Ms. Lee Ann Michelle, born 3-17-60 in England. Miss February 1979
Bust- 69,000,701
Waist- 82.539
Hips- child bearing
Height- Taller than a munchkin, shorter than a giraffe
Weight- 42
Sign- Stop
Birthday- 06-06-06
Birthplace- Nuremberg, Germany
Goals- Inspire great catastrophe
Turn ons- Goth, Punk rock, BDSM
Turn offs- Those damn voices in my head that tell me to kill and kill again
Fantasies- To ride a Dragon
Favorite sports- Wing Chun, Kali, Rock climbing, and Boxing
Heroes- Attila the Hun, Geronimo
Favorite Drinks- Shiner Bock
Favorite Food- Shiner Burger
Hobbies- Falling out of airplanes

Actor Profile: Cody / Jack of All Trades

Cody’s bio is courtesy of Ms. Bonnie Large Miss March 1973 – from her wikipedia page – Miki Garcia (born February 17, 1947 in Kingman, Arizona) is an American model. She is best known for being Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for its January 1973 issue.

Cody aka Houston’s Resident Douchebag
BIRTHPLACE: Pasa-freakin’-dena, TX
BUST: -A, that’s a size, right?
WAIST: 1.4678899 Cubits
HIPS: I love them…that is all
HEIGHT: 6’3″ or 6’7″ in heels
WEIGHT: 4.916871425e+28

AMBITIONS: To one day over throw my human oppressors…and to learn German
TURN-ONS: Warm breezes, kittens, your mom, and girls who can talk nerdy to me!
TURNOFFS: Rainbows, the Amish, toll booth people, and the smell of pennies
FAVORITE DISH: A rib-eye cooked medium rare served on a naked woman’s stomach
DID YOU KNOW? That I can beat the original Super Mario Bros. in 8 minutes?
FAVORITE PERFORMERS: The guy that plays the sax outside of all Houston sporting events, mimes, and a woman that can fake a good orgasm..
PEOPLE I ADMIRE: The Doctor, Steve the Car, the people that stand outside the River Oaks Theater in little to no clothing in 30 degree weather!
A GREAT DATE: The bathroom at the back of the theater (wink, wink)
I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE: Because every month I get naked in front of people and don’t get arrested for it!!