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Halloween 2012!
Rocky Horror Saved My Life Documentary - Chaos Partipated!

What the hell is a sonic transducer?: Ironica Rambles, Part 2

It’s the thing that freezes people’s feet to the floor. Ours is broken apparently because it’s missing a handle and we run around like crazy so you can all see us well at some point.

But enough about you, let’s talk about me.

I started performing in drag in December 2011 under the hideous stage name you see now and I made my rounds at all the drag bars and stuff. Despite some notoriety, some good reviews, some bad reviews, a canceled show at a venue with an owner who was not willing to put forth the time, effort, budget, and energy it took to make the show successful, a few bright, shiny moments of triumph, etc., I finally landed a big gig – my role with the Chaos cast.

It had been a big dream of mine to join the cast in some fashion, so getting it meant I’d finally reached the zenith of my goals and whatnot. I’d have a steady show, I wouldn’t be fighting for the booking, I’d get to flash my ass to literally hundreds of people once(sometimes twice) a month.

And that is why I’m putting the rest of my drag to rest. RHPS is something I see myself doing for the rest of my life with no trouble. It’s hard work that is usually followed by gratification from myself and fans after the show, yet with a desire to outdo and improve the next show. No one is going to take that from me. As for performing at bars around the city? Unneeded stress that never feels fulfilling when it actually does go right.

So there you have it. I am an exclusive drag queen for Rocky Horror. I’m Rocky Horror’s bitch. And I’m totally down with that.

Nowhere is this more awesome and relevant than July’s theme: Pride.

Although I don’t want you guys to look at it as just LGBT pride. For me, RHPS has always been about exploring and expressing your sexuality without limitations, coming to terms with who you are as a person, and how you relate to people at the shows. It’s not just about celebrating your independent uniqueness, it’s about coming together despite differences and realizing the goal for everyone is to be happy together as a community. When humanity becomes not just a community, but a community that gets along and supports each other, it’s an amazing feeling.

That is how we battle insecurities. That is how we battle those who want to persecute innocent people(see Orlando). That is how we become better people. And that is how we live in a world without fear.

So come out, be proud of who you are as a person, and hug the person next to you. Or get their number if they’re single. Love is love, caring is caring, RHPS is $11.

$11 of love.


Rocky Horror Lingerie Show! Come dressed to impress!

This weekend, July 12th, we’re celebrating Rocky Horror and lingerie!  Come dressed in your finest!


Chaos Rocky Horror Houston Showtime Updates! – Extra Summer Shows!

Once again the River Oaks Theatre is proud to present THE SUMMER OF CHAOS 2014!  Freaking sweet!

Show dates are:

  • July 12 and 26
  • August 9 and 23
  • September 13 and 27


ROCKY HORROR SAVED MY LIFE Filming Chaos at the River Oaks Theater May 10th!

RHSMLRocky Horror Saved My Life documentary will be filming at the River Oaks Theater May 10th!  We’re super excited and also very surprised they even consider a bunch of hacks like Chaos…Anyway we’re still very thrilled even if we’re very surprised.

Filming will be during our Rocky N Roll – Rock Stars and Groupies show!  Be sure to dress up and wear your Chaos Merit badges so the crew can see who the super fans are!

Want to know more?  Visit Rocky Horror Saved My Life on Facebook.

Latest from the River Oaks!

ticketprices2Rocky is rated R – Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent Or Adult Guardian.

Tickets info is at

Tickets are $10.50 for adults. Sorry, but student discounts are no longer offered for Midnight movies, besides if you’re a student you should be home studying anyway instead of watching a really cool movie with half dressed people all around you.

Thanks – River Oaks MGT
& your pals at CHAOS!

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First timer – January Show

chaos website pic-1We did some cast shuffling this weekend and found we needed a Magenta for a show so we’re giving our faithful Sister of Chaos Jeanette Zoolander a shot a playing everyones favorite domestic! Come cheer her to success this weekend!

Evidentially she’s super smart.  Goes to school and everything.  Hopefully she’s been studying.

Gender Bender!

This year was the most awesome Gender Bender yet with audience member Dana stepping into the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter!  Freaking awesome.


Rocky Horror Halloween 2013 – HOUSTON are you ready?!

Rocky Horror Halloween

DO Come in Costume!

It’s that time of year again and the River Oaks Theatre is hosting The Rocky Horror Picture Show and CHAOS!  For more details visit our tickets page.

Kick A** Trophies for the Halloween Costume Contest

You could win the coveted CHAOS Award for best costume!

You could win the coveted CHAOS Award for best costume!