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Halloween 2012!
Rocky Horror Saved My Life Documentary - Chaos Partipated!

The Future of Rocky Horror In Houston

Fearless leader

Foss & Adriana

An Important note to the Fans of Chaos and Rocky Horror at the River Oaks Theatre.

Hi folks! Thank you to everyone who joined Chaos to celebrate my birthday last night! Given all the recent storm crap and hardship it was nice to have my family gather together and celebrate this crazy show.

I know Houston has been through a lot. It means the world to me you guys came out to our show. One thing you can say about Texans as a whole, nothing is going to ever stop us.

In other news: Our next show is September 23rd and I am sad to announce that this will be the last of the extra 4th Saturday shows everyone so happily supported and enjoyed.

Despite our very successful year of two shows a month The River Oaks Theatre management has decided to go back to a once a month format for Rocky.

We were a victim to our own success, the extra shows were so popular the theater feels they are unable to adequately staff for them.

Rocky Horror will be replaced with other Midnight Movies that don’t require the same staffing demands or attract the same crowds that Rocky does.

That said, starting in November Rocky Horror will go back to the 2nd Saturday of the Month with no extra shows during the summer.

It sucks, but it is what it is.

So make the most of the 13 shows a year we will have.

In November i’m putting the show in Kyle’s hands. Besides being a trusted friend, Kyle has the heart and mind to keep this show great and he understands how much the community needs Chaos.

The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos will continue on. My final three shows are September 23 and the Halloween Shows October 27th and 28th.

As for me, I’m closing out 30 years of Rocky Horror, 10 years right here in Houston.

Rocky was the one constant in my life. It was the one place I felt loved and needed. I know how important this show is to you and the community at large.

It’s important to all of us.

I’m glad I had the last years worth of extra shows. There were some really good shows and some great performances by the people I love.

The last few years have been tough. I’ve lost jobs due to economic downturns. I lost a relationship I trusted unconditionally. I battled depression each and every day.

It’s time for me to get going and start my next adventure.

It’s time to shake this shit off and do something new with my life. Honestly I’m scared shitless but I also realize for once I have to do something for me.

I want to give you all some serious, heartfelt advice:

When you think all is lost, don’t give up. Dig in and solve your problems with help from your friends, family, and community.

There were a lot of times I thought about quitting life all together and each day I wake up I’m fucking happy I’m here. Life continues to surprise me in good and positive ways.

Sorry this was so fucking long. If you read all the down here you’re a fucking hero. Anyway I love you all. Except that one guy. He’s a dick.


The EXIT INTERVIEW by Robert Price.

[Foss note here: We wanted to give Robert the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to everyone here at the show with one final interview, when I couldn’t find anyone to do the interview, Amber popped up and suggested “Let Robert do it!” Never one to turn down a great idea we did the only thing we could do was ask Robert to interview Robert. So here in all it’s glory is Robert interviewing himself about his final show and future plans. Enjoy.]

20150809Chaos-45-copyPrice: I know I’m busy with all the moving preparations, so thank you for making the time for you.

Robert: No, thank me!

Price: I’m welcome. You’ve been doing the show for two years and now you’re walking away. Why?

Robert: I’m going to New York. There’s a great big world out there, and I have to go see it now while I’m young and stupid. I know too many people that wait for something to push them out of their comfort zone and end up…comfortable. Plans to leave the city get pushed back further and further until they don’t see the point in taking the risk because they’re happy where they are. That’s a beautiful thing, but it’s not what I want to do. I’m deeply afraid that I’ll squander the opportunities that I’ve been given by making the safe choice. I get anxious if I feel like I’m not creating or learning or improving. Don’t dream it, be it.

Price: That was a little heavy for the first question. Let’s lighten up a bit. What was your first Rocky Show like?

Robert: I don’t think anything could really prepare me for that first show. I knew the movie well, but I think I had seen it only three times at River Oaks. So some of the call-outs caught me by surprise and made me miss my next line cause I was laughing. I found my self looking back at the screen even though I had promised myself that I wouldn’t. I think I got the floorshow dance right because that’s what we practiced the most, other than Sweet T. One thing you realize about the movie is how many different costumes that Frank has to be responsible for. Keeping track of when to change into what was pretty difficult.

Price:Where did you get your costume?

Robert: The black heels were from erotic cabaret and then hand glittered with E-6000 by me and my lovely lady Sara. The red heals I stole from the costume loft at The University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance. They had done the Rocky Horror Show a few years ago and I saw it and loved it. The wig I ordered from a Rocky specialty sight, and the corset was made by a wonder woman who used to help us out with costumes. The garter belt I had to make myself (which I have no business doing) because nobody makes the British-style six-garter belt anymore, and even if they did it wouldn’t be the right color. Sara actually finished it for me and it’s fastened with a bra clasp. The elbow gloves I also hand stitched which is why they look the way they do, and the fabric is the reverse side of sequined chainmail from a production of Once Upon A Mattress in which I played Prince Dauntless. The dresses are thrift-store finds.

Price: What is going through your head as you’re doing the show now?

Robert: I’m mostly concerned about keeping my voice healthy by supporting with good breath, my posture in heels takes some conscious thought, and I’m always making sure to try and “fuck the back row” with my performance. Foss’ vision of the show makes us the rock stars, and I think our goal is to be so engaging and committed that we’re adding to the movie and not taking away from it.

Price:This might be a little early in the interview to ask, but do you ever fantasize about people at Rocky Horror?

Robert: Of course. When I put on that costume I feel like a demigod, and 300 people dressed like they’re gonna get laid is definitely a turn on. The sexiest person I ever saw at rocky was Sara doing Trixie’s strip-tease, and I think the fans would agree. The fantasies involve Sara and I “going to town” together on various audience members.

Price: How long have you and Sara been together? What’s your secret?

Robert: It will be 3 years this October. She’s talented, kind and clever. We’ve grown a lot together as we’ve grown up. We’ve been apart the last three summers because of her professional work as an actress, but we both have summer birthdays so we’re used to grand romantic gestures. I’ve made her several videos, she wrote a rap for me, and this year we’ve recorded an album together of all the silly love songs we wrote in high school up to now. It’s called Retro Spectacle and her songs are amazing.

Price: A lot of our cast have hidden talents. Stevie styles hair, Zach is a chef, Rachael is a visual artist, and Amber is a professional groupie. What do you do outside of Rocky Horror?

Robert: I have a degree in Playwriting, and my passion is improvisation. I perform with Comedysportz Houston in a family friendly show, as well as with Flirt Reynolds in a PG-13 show. I teach improv at Beta Theater. I’m currently studying up on shakespeare so I can improvise a play in iambic pentameter.

20150809Chaos-51Price: What are you excited about in the future?

Robert: New York means I’m going to get knocked down, and get up again, and hopefully they’re never going to keep me down. I’ll start at the beginning all over again as a tiny fish in a hurricane ocean, and maybe discover some like minded fish at the bottom that want to start a new school. But I gotta watch out for sharks and hooks and stingrays and such. I got to find out what water is.

Price: Are you planning on trying cocaine when you get to New York?

Robert: No, I might give up drinking though. I waited until I was 21 to drink, which I do not regret at all, and after a year of trying everything out I’d be comfortable saving the money from now on. I don’t eat meat and I don’t drink soda, I don’t drink coffee and I don’t smoke weed. Cheaper to be clean. I’m still debating whether pornography belongs in my life, and I’m a master debater. I’m thinking right now my imagination is more interesting than whatever the internet decides is erotic, and getting in touch with my own sensuality probably makes me a better lover.

Price: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Robert: Handing over the management of my improv theater to someone I trust so that I can go pursue a job writing and performing for a new kind of Netflix show. Then visiting Houston to play in shows at Christmas.

Price: This has been really fun for me and I wish you the best. I have one more question: what advice do you have for people just starting out in Rocky Horror?

Robert: Get to know the people you work with. I think at some point in the big cities Rocky Horror was an unsafe place for normal people, and now it’s become a safe place for weird people. The people that do the show and the people that come to the show believe in certain principles that are wonderful. Sexual and gender liberation, the importance of obscenity, and the sense of disillusionment about the world they’ve felt as they got older. These are people that have fun celebrating a strange and broken fantasy because they think reality is the real joke. Getting to know your cast also result in moments of unexpected collaboration. The audience doesn’t remember the movie when they leave, they remember the moment when two cast members created something new together because they’re friends and friends can do that.


Foss again: On behalf of everyone at The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos we want to thank Robert for his time and Energy. As always we also want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Fans of Chaos and The Rocky Horror Picture Show who have supported both the cast and Rocky Horror in Houston. Thank you all so much for being so kind to us. See you tonight!

ROCKY HORROR SAVED MY LIFE Filming Chaos at the River Oaks Theater May 10th!

RHSMLRocky Horror Saved My Life documentary will be filming at the River Oaks Theater May 10th!  We’re super excited and also very surprised they even consider a bunch of hacks like Chaos…Anyway we’re still very thrilled even if we’re very surprised.

Filming will be during our Rocky N Roll – Rock Stars and Groupies show!  Be sure to dress up and wear your Chaos Merit badges so the crew can see who the super fans are!

Want to know more?  Visit Rocky Horror Saved My Life on Facebook.

People Like Us….

A long while ago, some wonderful people showed up and took photos of Foss.

For the past four years I’ve been photographing Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast players and shows across the country for an eventual book of images documenting this amazing community. So far I’ve visited nine states and photographed over twenty casts and about 130 people.

The photographs are freaking awesome. You should check them out.

People Like UsFossEddie

OMG! We’ve made a special shirt for our audience guest-stars!

Each show CHAOS, pulls some unsuspecting audience member up to play Twister or be stunt Riff.  Now one lucky stiff is going to go home with a special gift from CHAOS!


Sweet huh?

Halloween 2012 Recap – Answer to your most frequently asked questions.

Hi Everyone, My name is Foss and I’m f@#king tired.

Well another Halloween come and gone! And it’s been our most successful Halloween ever! Mostly because it’s our first. I kid. Actually this Halloween broke River Oaks Records for Attendance and Bar totals! Way to show up and drink motherf@#kers!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who was here to celebrate our first Chaos Halloween!

For a RocChaos Cast and Crew 2012ky Cast, the Halloween show is our Christmas and Superbowl all wrapped into one. We know you have a lot of choices for things to do Halloween Weekend, but you chose our show and for that we thank you.

This marks my 25th or 26th year of performing Rocky, both in California and in Texas. I figure I’ve done well over 1000 shows. I love this theater and I love this audience. I very much appreciate the River Oaks Theatre management who has been very supportive of the show.We’ve got a good cast and we’re getting bigger and better each month.

I know I speak on behalf of all of the members of Chaos when I say we really appreciate your support. We appreciate every laugh, and the time you take to get a photograph with us after the show. Thank you for letting us pick you up or lick you without notifying the authorities.

To our very special regulars that show show up each month without fail we say – You have our most sincere appreciation.

Thank you all. Happy Halloween!

OH Your frequently asked questions!  How do I get to join you?!  Right now we’re looking for a few select performers but we don’t need crew members unless you can sew like Betsy Ross herself!  We are looking for a seamstress that can think outside of the box and is happy being a seamstress.

We’re Casting for a Riff Raff

CASTING UPDATE: TRMOC is currently seeking a dedicated individual to play Riff Raff.

You should be an androgynous male or female for the role of Riff. Think David Bowie in his glamorous years. Patti Smith. Joan Jett. Punk. Johnny Rotten attitude on the stage. A look.

FINE PRINT: You must be at least 21 years of age, with your own transportation. Shows are monthly and if you’re cast, you’re expected to make all the shows. There are rehearsals and you’ll be taught what to do.

Come join Houston’s very own The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos! Contact us at casting at


The First Ever CHAOS Legion of Honor – Recongizing those who have contributed to Chaos and Rocky Horror!

Way back in February 2012 we were still The Beautiful Creatures many of us having performed with TBC for years.

The TBC producers decided that it would be best for everyone involved if they closed the production down and we were to start a new show.  In the long run it will prove to be a good decision for everyone, but this left us in a jam.  We didn’t know change was coming.  Without notice, many of the cast purchased costumes from The Beautiful Creatures production went missing and are now presumed to be used in an all animal production of rocky horror. But I digress.

Chaos was the perfect name to give the new production.  We named ourselves The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos because we wanted something more pretentious.

So, two weeks to show  we had to start a new cast, get new costumes and market the new show.  Towards that end, The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos would like to introduce you to the people behind the scenes who helped us get back on our feet.

Tucker and Charleine - The Official Printers of The Royal Order of CHAOS - Thank you so much for all your patience during our last minute scrambles each month! They take the crap I give them and turn it into something professional and simply amazing.

Molly Rose - She volunteered to help us by sewing our new Frank cape. It's really cool. We appreciate she was willing to take a risk with the costume and listen to what we wanted. In the end it came out wonderfully, better than what we had before.

Tabitha - First and foremost, Chaos would like to thank Tabitha for sending us this wonderful photo of her awesome rack. But seriously, Tabitha went above and beyond by helping us sew costumes, even buying a lot of stuff out of her own pocket. She showed the true spirit of Rocky Horror, she helped us because we needed help, not because she could profit from her work. For that we say thank you.

The World Famous Jaimie Froemming - Jaimie is bar none the finest Rocky Horror Seamstress to ever grace the face of the planet. Beyond that, she's also done something with her life and actually works in movies and real honest-to-god theater. So when the shit hit the fan, I knew there was only one person who could help us get the space suits together. I described what I wanted she said - "well I have your old space suits from your show in California". Despite the fact that she's preparing a cirque du soleil show for the academy awards and planning a trip to NY Jaimie at her own cost stuffed the monster spacesuits into a box and shipped them in time for the show.

That is one thing I have always appreciated about Rocky.  People coming together to help each other.  Thank you to everyone above and to everyone who contributes to the show each month.  We the Brotherhood of Chaos salute you and your efforts.

The show is still a work in progress and will continue to grow and improve.  But with fine people like this helping us, that should be no problem at all.

Director and President for the Afterlife
The Mystic Royal Order of CHAOS
Houston, TX


Welcome to The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos Internet Lodge

To Absent FriendsHey Kids! It’s me. Foss. Welcome to our updated page!

Retirement of The Beautiful Creatures and the birth of CHAOS

Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you are wonder what happened to The Beautiful Creatures. In short, TBC leadership decided to retire and retired the TBC name and brand with them. The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos [we’re going to call ourselves Chaos or TRMOC for short] would like to extend the best wishes to those retiring and thank them for everything they’ve done.

Moving forward, I’m certainly excited about the upcoming year and the show. There is a solid hardworking cast here at the River Oaks Theatre, ready to please you.

We’re Casting . . .

Speaking of cast, if you’re interested in becoming a performer, then look up our Facebook page and drop me a note. You can also drop me a note at casting at We do ask that you be 18 plus, and look a little like your character (height and weight proportional to who you want to play) have an outgoing personality and be ready to work together with the team.

We’re also starting our very own Transylvania unit! If you’re interested in performing in that drop me a note as well.

Lastly, we need your support.

How do you support us? By putting your butt into a seat, and bringing a dozen or half-dozen friends. Our first show is March 10th and Cody (you know him and love him) is in the Role of Frank. I know he’s excited to get to work this weekend!  Also buy yourselves a Rocky bag and one for all your friends.  All the money goes back into the show which helps us to make and purchase new costumes.

If you show up this weekend you’ll get your very own The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos Agent of Chaos Membership card. Which is good for absolutely nothing, which is the same thing my parents said to me. But it’s still freaking cool.

Thank you all so much and I look forward to seeing you at the show . . . .

Foss / Eddie
President for the Afterlife
The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos