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Halloween 2012!
Rocky Horror Saved My Life Documentary - Chaos Partipated!

Robert Pins!

Since tonight was Robert’s last show, we came up with a special set of limited edition Robert Pins!  Only for the first 100 fans.  Enjoy.


Happy Birthday Pat Quinn!

Well Pat Quinn turns 69 today. Normally we wouldn’t mention a ladies age but she is 69 and we’re childish. Anyway a very happy 69th birthday to our very own Pat Quinn! Here’s an autographed photo that Chelsea Goode brought us all the way from Dallas Spatterfest! Hopefully Pat is knee deep in cocktails and subservient men.


OMG! We’ve made a special shirt for our audience guest-stars!

Each show CHAOS, pulls some unsuspecting audience member up to play Twister or be stunt Riff.  Now one lucky stiff is going to go home with a special gift from CHAOS!


Sweet huh?