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Welcome to
The Loyal Order of the Sisters of Chaos
Performers Information page!

The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos is currently seeking dedicated persons both male and female to join The Loyal Order of the Sisters of Chaos the supporting dance troupe of Transylvanian's for the River Oaks Theatre Show!

  • Prospective applicants must be at least 18 years of age to perform.
  • Live in the Houston or Houston adjacent area.
  • Be easy going and helpful and work well with others.
  • Be respectful of the River Oaks Theatre, her staff and the theater guests.
  • Be drama free.
  • Be able to make scheduled evening rehearsals.
  • Be willing to keep commitments to the show. Chaos performs between 12 to 16 shows a year we'd like the Sisters to be part of all of them.
  • Be able to learn simple dance steps.
  • Must be willing to build a cool looking Transylvanian costume.
  • Be at the theater at 11 pm on show nights to help set up.
  • Lend a hand making "rocky bags" during the week once every couple of months (The whole cast participates).

So what are we looking for costume wise? As you can see Transylvanian's are pretty cool looking. Chaos would like our Transylvanian's to look like a cross between traditional Rocky Horror Trannies with a dash of the girls and boys costuming from the 1990's revival of Cabaret.

Basically take your costume and have fun. Run it by the show director and get some tips. Lot of flare is always acceptable.

OK. Now that you've read all this crap and you qualify please complete the form and we'll get right back to you.

Thank you for your intrest! APPLICATION FORM.

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